The only functional safety solution for LSI in the world

For years, Vtech has focused on third-party verification in LSI to improve design quality and set a new standard for functional safety in LSI.  We have 16 FS Engineers (TUVRheinland) qualified as functional safety practitioners.  Vtech offers the highest level of functional safety based on development results from our extensive experience.

Functional safety initiatives by Vtech

Vtech provides functional safety services that “visualize risks” for all of our customers’ developers to deliver low cost and high quality LSIs requested by end users.

Performed by FS Engineer to prevent malfunctions

“Analysis” is the first process in developing functional safety LSIs. It visualizes LSI risks in response to end-user functional safety requirements.  Then safety analysis is performed on the visualized risks, and safety measures corresponding to the required (A) SIL are determined.

Design the smallest LSI without function leakage

“Design” process creates  LSI development requirement specifications corresponding to end user functional safety requirements, functional safety standards from hardware safety requirements, LSI requirement specifications, and architecture design, safety design, and RTL coding including safety mechanisms.
It is the step of visualizing the specifications and functions of the LSIs that controls the risk against the visualized risk.

Performs high-quality and iteration-free verification

“Verification” process  performs verification on the designed RTL based on the LSI development requirement specification.  Also, failure detection rate is calculated for the gate circuit. This process proves that the designed RTL meets the requirements of functional safety standards.  It is a major cost-prone step that  visualizes the safety of the design result.
Cost may be reduced by combining our functional safety knowledge and verification technology.