Fundamental technology for our business

Verification Technology Inc. has been dedicated to LSI design verification since it was founded in 2003. We are always challenging state-of-the-art design verification technology and various applications such as Digital camera, Medical, 5G communication, Automotive, Factory automation, SSD, RISC-V. We pursue services that will satisfy our customers by centrally managing the knowledge obtained and reflecting it in verification strategy planning. Leveraging its expertise, we offer the industry's only functional safety and EDA solutions.

ApplicationProductDevelopment contents
Image processingElectronic image stabilization LSIApplication I / F control unit, CIS data reception processing unit, IP embedded memory subsystem, System synchronization control unit
Infrared distance measuring sensorSensor control unit
CMOS image sensor with face recognition functionImaging peripheral circuit, Image processing circuit including JPEG compression and decompression
Digital camera (Mirrorless SLR)Imaging peripheral circuit, Image processing circuit including JPEG compression and decompression
MedicalEndoscope video processorImage processing IP development
Capsule endoscopeFPGA development
Surgical endoscopeImage processing FPGA development, Light source control FPGA development
Communication5G Communication equipmentPerformance improvement for internal data processing
Factory automationMachine controller FPGAFunction expansion support / scale reduction
Robot safety monitoring FPGAFunctional safety equivalent to IEC61508 SIL-2, Function expansion / reduction
AutomotiveLaser ranging sensorSensor data processing unit
CMOS image sensorDigital processing unit, data processing unit, Digital processing section
SSDPCIe Gen4 IPGen4 additional functions design for LTSSM / PHY control unit, IP function verification under UVM environment
NVMe Controller IPIP function verification under UVM environment
Flash memory controller IPBus bridge design verification
ProcessorRISC-VCPU core function / random verification with proprietary ISS under UVM environment