AXI Performance Analyzer

The only complete solution in the industry for AXI performance analysis with configurable on-chip Verification IP and proprietary GUI.

Can be utilized in the entire process of LSI development with support for simulator, HW emulator, FPGA and ASIC chip.

Easy to use with the tool guided configuration of the VIP and performance analysis on the GUI offering portfolio of rich performance charts and tool-tips.

FPGA Bug Auto-Analyzer

The industry’s only solution for FPGA debug with configurable on-chip Verification IP and proprietary GUI.

Automatically generates design rules and eliminates the need for user defined trigger conditions to free users from multiple iterations of FPGA P&R and run.

Easy to debug with narrowing down from auto-detected errors at system level to the detailed debug on waveform.

Functional Safety Solution

The only one functional safety solution for LSI in the world.

Based on our successful experience in 1,300 third party LSI design verification projects for various types of application.

We have 16 FSEs qualified as functional safety practitioners and offer service that visualizes risks for our customers to deliver low cost and high quality LSIs requested by end users.

News Release

Vtech showcasing the only complete solutions for AXI performance analysis and FPGA debug at DVCon US 2020

Vtech Platinum Sponsoring Xilinx Developer Forum 2019