Secure safety compliance with ISO26262/IEC61508

• Specializes in LSI (ASSP, ASIC, FPGA) development compliant with ISO26262 for automobile, and IEC61508 for medical device, industrial robot and Smart Factory.

• Offers functional safety management, safety concept, design and verification services

• Considers chip cost and power consumption in safety concept and design phases.

• Led by Functional Safety Managers (FSM) and Functional Safety Engineers (FSE) qualified for
ISO26262 and IEC61508, who have rich experience in LSI design and verification.

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Meet ASIC/FPGA design & verification experts

• Offers LSI front-end design services with third-party verification as its core technology.

• Strong and relevant expertise with ASIC simulation tools and advanced verification method.

• Rich experience in SystemVerilog, Verilog and VHDL designs; and expert in formal and UVM random verifications.

• Accumulates application specific expertise for the advanced systems such as RISC-V platform, CMOS image sensor, medical device, factory automation, automotive ECU, communication device, edge computing and SSD.

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Less user debugging efforts for AMBA/FPGA design

AMBA performance analysis with a reconfigurable monitor IP offering quick and systematic analysis with over 20 rich performance charts to visualize bus usage efficiency and responsiveness on simulator, emulator, FPGA and ASIC. Ideal for hardware design and software development.

FPGA design debugging with reconfigurable probe IP offering long system-level timing observation, and real time error detection with auto-rule generation from signal state transitions – resulting in much faster debug.  One-hour training requirement.

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